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Space Jumper Space Jumper

Rated 3 / 5 stars

This game needs more.

- Not bad for your first shooting game in Flash. However, I have a few points that you could add to your game.

- I would like to hear some sound FX when you shoot and when you shoot an enemy.

- To make this game a bit more interesting, is if your score lowers by a certain amount of points if you let a ship go pass you.

- More levels would be nice too.

- PostImperial -

PyromasterRamuh responds:

i understand what your saying, if i had the time, a death animation, sounds on shots and deaths and most of all power ups would have been put into my game, but iv been learning the action script coding from scratch and some of it is very hard to apply correctly. another thing id have loved is to know how to make set spawning enemies so i could make levels and more than one enemy, if you know any good websites for finding coding like that please post it to me :)