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Dark Siding Eogieg Dark Siding Eogieg

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Sick beat.

- Good beat rhythm, it flows very nicely. Too bad it is a bit loud though. I want to hear more of the bass.

- If you are making this into a full song, I would add some atmospheric synths in the background to add variety. Speaking of variety, the intro is a bit boring. Put in some more effort to make people dance to this! Yeah.

- I would like to hear a full version of this song. It has potential.

- PostImperial -

Prodigal responds:

I had no idea someone reviewed this :P

Thanks for the advice. Sadly I won't be making this into a full song, but if I end up making a song similar, i'll keep this all in mind!

TB ft X-trax - Frozen Memorial TB ft X-trax - Frozen Memorial

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Good try.

- This is not all that good to be honest. You used a basic chord progression that almost everyone uses, and the melody line is pretty much a rip-off from Basshunter.

- Everything is cluttered in the mix. Lower the instruments so that your melodies would be more in the forefront. Be sure to stay away from over-using saw synths as well. It will help make your mix sound crystal clear.

- Keep trying. You will get better.

- PostImperial -

blizzard0717 responds:

Ok, thanks for reviewing man. I don't see where's the basshunter rip off though.

The over used saw is on purpose =D I love it that way.